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Intake Procedure

Call 617-338-5241 and ask to speak with the Intake Paralegal.  You may also contact us by email.

Each year, thousands of consumers call Health Law Advocates for assistance with their health care access problems.  There is no automated “voicemail hell”  to get through in order to speak with a live person. HLA’s Intake Paralegals are available to talk with you about your concerns. It may sometimes be necessary for you to leave a message on the voicemail for our Intake Paralegal, but rest assured, your call will be returned promptly.  In many cases, we will be able to provide help to you, and if we cannot provide assistance, we will do our best to refer you to a more appropriate organization or another law firm.
If you live in Massachusetts, and are below 300% of the federal poverty level and have a problem such as any of  those described below, we may be able to help you:

  • Denial of medical treatment by your insurance company or state or federal payor
  • Incurred medical bills because a private or public payor erroneously or wrongfully terminated or denied you coverage
  • Not screened properly for public assistance by a provider, and now you have medical bills that could have been avoided
  • You are uninsured or underinsured and your provider has sent you bills that you believe are unreasonably high in relation to what an insurance payor would be charged.
  • Cost of medical treatment not covered by insurance was not disclosed to you
  • Your child has mental health care issues and neither your school nor your public or private insurance carrier will provide coverage for necessary treatment.   

Before you call the HLA Intake Paralegal, please read the Intake Procedure below. It will enable us to better help you.

HLA’s Intake Procedure

  • Before you place your call to HLA,  have as much information available about your issue as possible.  It would be helpful if you could have copies of your medical bills, information about your health insurance plan, and the names of state, insurance or hospital personnel with whom you have been communicating.
  • Before calling HLA, try to recall what you were told by the state or your insurance company’s representatives.  This will make it easier for the paralegal to assess your situation.
  • The paralegal will ask you for basic information including your contact information, income and health insurance information.
  • Describe your issue to the paralegal; include as much detail about the problem as possible, for example, details of telephone or written communications with the hospital or insurance company or information about bills will be important.
  • If you are calling about a hospital bill,  try to remember conversations with hospital billing departments or social workers concerning your availability for various financial assistant programs.
  • If your issue is not an area we handle, for example, workers compensation claims, the paralegal will give you the number of other organizations that may be able to help you.
  • If this is an area we handle, for example medical debt, the paralegal will give all of your information to an attorney, who will give you a call back as soon as possible.

Final decisions about whether or not HLA will take your case are made by the attorney who will call you back.

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