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Supporting HLA

The Pro Bono Legal Network

HLA established its Pro Bono Legal Network Program to leverage the resources of the private bar to help address the gap in the availability of health law-focused legal services for low and middle-income families. Through the Legal Network, HLA has encouraged the private bar to play a crucial role in representing individuals who have been denied access to health care. Under the Legal Network program, HLA recruits attorneys from the private bar and trains them in the field of consumer health law, thus developing knowledge and increasing professional expertise within the field. In turn, these attorneys accept pro bono client referrals from HLA and represent an ever-growing number of clients coping with issues of health care access. Today, HLA’s Pro Bono Legal Network consists of over 80 attorneys from all over the Commonwealth and from law firms and corporate legal departments of all sizes. Over the years, Legal Network attorneys have handled hundreds of cases for HLA.