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Health Law Advocates Congratulates Dr. Brent Martin on His Selection as MassHealth Dental Director

For Immediate Release
Matt Selig

February 3, 2010

Health Law Advocates Congratulates Dr. Brent Martin
on His Selection as MassHealth Dental Director


Boston - Health Law Advocates (“HLA”) is pleased to extend its congratulations to Dr. Brent Martin who today was announced as the new full-time MassHealth Dental Director by the Executive Office of Health and Human Services. HLA believes the hiring of Dr. Martin to fill this important position will help improve the delivery of oral health services to MassHealth members. In particular, a dedicated MassHealth Dental Director will help the Office of Medicaid identify service delivery barriers as well as help develop innovative ways of delivering dental services to those most in need.

The Office of Medicaid is required to employ at least a part-time MassHealth Dental Director pursuant to the February 3, 2006 judgment in the federal district court case Health Care For All, Inc., et al. (HCFA) v. Romney, et al in which HLA, along with co-counsel, represents the plaintiffs. In this case, the Court ruled in favor of the plaintiffs and found that the Commonwealth’s dental program for the more than 500,000 children enrolled in MassHealth violated the federal Medicaid Act that require the prompt provision of services, adequate notice and treatment at reasonable intervals for children. The Court’s judgment required that MassHealth’s delivery of oral health services to eligible children be improved and that a remediation plan to increase access to oral health services for children who are eligible for MassHealth be implemented. The remediation plan is now entering its fifth year.

“Dr. Martin’s appointment is a promising development in the ongoing effort to improve dental services for low-income children in Massachusetts,” said Health Law Advocates Attorney Megan Mahle who represents the plaintiffs in HCFA v. Romney. “We have made some gains increasing the number of children with access to dental services, but there is plenty of more work to do to provide these children with the dental care they deserve.”