Clients on Screen

Tristan's Story

Tristan's Story from Tira Khan, Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.


Arney's Story

Arney's Story from Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.

Andrew Cohen, an attorney for Health Law Advocates, helps a new immigrant family whose daughter has trouble hearing from one ear. Originally from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the family won the immigration lottery and moved to the US two years ago. Arney's Story first premiered at the 22nd Annual Benefit Breakfast.


Lisa & Owen's Story

Lisa and Owen's Story from Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.

Lisa's health insurance problems began after she left her husband. Then then she got sick. She struggled to find health insurance that would cover both her and her autistic son. Health Law Advocates helped her untangle the paperwork, made phone calls on her behalf, and ultimately helped her son see a doctor who specialized in autism. That marked the first time he had been able to see an autism specialist. Lisa and Owen's story premiered at the 21st Annual Benefit Breakfast, and Lisa took the stage and spoke of her experience with HLA to the audience.


Celebrating 20 Years of Fighting for Health Care Justice

Health Law Advocates 20 year Anniversary Video - with Michael Dukakis from Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.

Michael Dukakis discusses his involvement in HLA, and three clients discuss how HLA has helped them over the years. (Stories include a little girl born without tooth enamel, a seriously disabled man with mitochondrial disorder, and a boy who developed a deformity on his chest.)


Adrian's Eyes: Living with BPES

Adrian's Eyes: Living with BPES from Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.


The Right Medicine for Reid

The Right Medicine for Reid from Sugarhouse Media on Vimeo.

Reid Panayakul is a 10-year-old boy who has struggled with debilitating seizures his whole life. He was eventually diagnosed with Dravet Syndrome, a severe form of epilepsy. Doctors discovered a drug that helped reduce Reid’s seizures called Stiripentol. The drug could be imported from France; however, because it was not approved by the FDA, insurers didn’t want to pay for it. Health Law Advocates helped the Panayakul family secure coverage.

This video was produced for Health Law Advocate’s Annual Benefit Breakfast on November 13, 2013.