Intake Procedure

To request legal assistance from HLA, please call 617-338-5241 or 888-211-6168 (toll-free) or fill out our Intake form. If HLA accepts your matter for representation, there is no fee for our services. Before you contact HLA, please review the information below to help us assist you.

Be Prepared to Leave a Message

Please give a brief description of the nature of the issue about which you are seeking information or advice. Provide your name, address, phone number, and, if you are calling on behalf of somone, provide that person's name and your relationship to them. 

How Intake Works

  • Before you call HLA, please compile as much information as possible about your issue. For example, it is most helpful to gather items such as copies of any medical bills, information about your health insurance plan, the names of people you have contacted to try to resolve your issue and notes from those communications.
  • The Intake Paralegal will ask you for basic information including your contact information, household size and income.
  • You will be asked to describe your issue to the Intake Paralegal and include as many details about the problem as possible.
  • If the subject matter of your issue falls within our areas of expertise and you meet our financial guidelines (see below), the Intake Paralegal will provide all your information to an attorney who will contact you as soon as possible and make a final determination on whether we can handle your matter.
  • If your matter is not appropriate for HLA, our Intake Paralegal will try to connect you with another organization or resources that may be able to help you.

Primary Areas of Expertise

  • Challenging denials of health insurance enrollment (commercial and public insurance)
  • Fighting denials of coverage for specific health care services (commercial and public insurance)
  • Protecting patients from illegal medical billing and collection practices
  • Obtaining access to health care through state agencies and school systems, especially for children

Financial eligibility for HLA legal services

To be eligible for legal assistance from HLA, an individual must:

  • Have household income less than the limits below and not have financial assets to procure private counsel*
Household Size 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Annual Household Income $37,470 $50,730 $63,990 $77,250 $90,510 $103,770 $117,030


  • Have medical expenses that exhaust financial resources

*Based on the 2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines