What We Do


Health Law Advocates (HLA) is a 501(c)(3) public interest law firm whose mission is to provide pro bono legal representation to residents in low-income situations experiencing difficulty accessing or paying for needed medical services. HLA is committed to ensuring universal access to quality health care in Massachusetts, particularly for those who are most at risk due to such factors as race, gender, disability, age, or geographic location. With its partner organization, Health Care For All, HLA combines legal expertise with grassroots organizing and policy reform to advance the statewide movement for universal health care access.

How We Accomplish Our Mission

Representing Health Care Consumers

HLA provides high quality, free legal assistance to income-eligible Massachusetts residents having difficulty accessing health care or health insurance coverage. We also provide legal assistance to consumers with unaffordable medical debt. HLA represents individuals and litigates class-actions and impact cases.

HLA specializes in:

  • Challenging denials of health insurance enrollment (commercial and public insurance)
  • Fighting denials of coverage for specific health care services (commercial and public insurance)
  • Protecting patients from illegal medical billing and collection practices
  • Obtaining access to health care through state agencies and school systems, especially for children

Please click here for information about seeking legal assistance from HLA. 

Community Education and Outreach

HLA builds knowledge in communities on how to access health care. We deliver cutting-edge information to consumers, advocates and other health care system stakeholders in trainings and presentations throughout Massachusetts. Invitations from community groups for HLA educational programs are welcome. To inquire, contact Jennifer Javier at jjavier@hla-inc.org to schedule a presentation at your organization, tailored to your audience. We also author helpful publications promoting access to health care.

Policy Advocacy

HLA advocates for public policy reforms that help consumers access health care. We offer our legal expertise and experience working with consumers to policymakers on the state and federal levels and in all three branches of government. We also advocate for policy changes by health care institutions to enhance health care access. HLA conducts its policy advocacy in collaborations with other advocates.

For inquiries regarding press/media, please contact Jennifer Javier at jjavier@hla-inc.org

In the words of our clients...

I cannot briefly describe the amazing work that you accomplished for me... Thank you so much for being there to fight for me and for others.
B.C., Randolph

Thankfully, I was referred to HLA and they saved me. I give them an 'A+' for the help they were able to provide. I couldn't have done this without them. They were extremely helpful and got my problems recolved while being down-to-earth, professional, and friendly. I wholeheartedly recommend them and tell people about them wherever I do.
Yvonne D., Cambridge

I cannot describe the relief we felt to have HLA help us with our situation. The follow-through was excellent. I cannot give HLA enough praise. We could not have done it without you.
E.A., Holyoke

From the very first call I was treated with the utmost respect. I must say that it felt like the weight of the world had been lifted from my shoulders.
William L., New Bedford

HLA's help was crucial to my economic survival and the ability to continue my education.
K.H., Worcester

I think the 'A' in HLA stands for 'Angels.' Thank you so much, HLA!
Patricia R., Roslindale

What our efforts did not accomplish in two years, HLA did in a few months. Thank you very much. It is a wonderful feeling to know that good, decent people still exist in the world today.
J.F., Worcester