HLA's Gender-Diverse Health Care Access Project provides free, high-quality legal help to gender-diverse people. We clear barriers to health care that people experience due to their gender identity. In this project we provide direct legal representation, do capacity building, and advocate for policy reforms. 

About Our Legal Services: 

We can help with: 
  • Seeking insurance coverage for electrolysis and laser hair removal
  • Appealing insurance denials for gender-affirming care
  • Seeking pre-approval for gender-affirming surgeries
  • Correcting errors in MassHealth coverage created by legal name changes
  • Handling confusing or predatory billing from health care providers
  • Other problems with getting health care

About Our Capacity Building:

HLA offers trainings, lectures, and presentations about our work and about gender-affirming care.

About Our Policy Reform Advocacy:

HLA is a proud and founding member of the Massachusetts Transgender Health Coalition. This coalition promotes policy reforms to improve health care access. It also builds community knowledge about gender-diverse health access issues. 
This program is supported by The Boston Foundation.