December 7th: Current Developments/Trends in Adult Insurance Coverage for Autism Treatments

December 07, 2017 at 12:00 PM • UMass Medical School, Worcester

“ABA for Adults – Opportunities and Challenges”.

Speakers include: Adam Clark, BCBA, LABA. Adam is committed to working with young adults with Autism to increase independence and help them become healthy, engaged, and productive members of their community. Utilizing the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), he teaches crucial skills within the natural environment and ensure these skills can be maintained throughout adulthood as services are faded.

Attorney Wells G. Wilkinson: Wells works with commercial insurance and mental health parity teams, and advises and represents individual clients in Massachusetts with commercial insurance on their rights to access needed care. He has successfully appealed denials of expensive pharmaceuticals, ABA therapy for children with Autism, and he has helped consumers reverse unpaid claims, protecting them from medical debt.

Attorney Jodi Bouer has represented providers and families in disputes with insurance carriers regarding ASD-related therapies. Ms. Bouer provides clients with claims, appeal, regulatory and utilization review support, which helps them resolve issues with insurance carriers prior to litigation. She also prosecutes cases involving ASD-related therapies in state and federal court.

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